We Need to Balance Our Water Resources in Agriculture

All lives on the earth are dependent on water and this is what we use abundantly in our daily lives. We always expect the world to be a perfect world where none will suffer and everyone would be happy. But in order to live a happy life, we need to maintain a natural equilibrium which most us don’t even think. We need adequate pure water to produce our foods; however, most of us don’t have a good idea about water-balancing.

That equilibrium has become difficult to maintain in these days and it will become more difficult with the growing population and increasing demands. Brian Hurd from New Mexico University said that all of we have to be aware of this and proper water-balancing will require an unprecedented cooperation. According to Hurd, we cannot balance it unless we can weigh.

In agriculture, the users must determine how much water it will need to produce an acre of crop. Opportunity costs also have to be determined. They have to indentify the total economic value of water. The total economic value is indeed a powerful concept. We will be able to make good decision by recognizing the resource value.

We will have to use more efficient and effective water use methods. In near future, it may be possible to transfer water to the other users during the time of drought.

The city is trying to balance the demand and supply of water. However, the demands and supply of water greatly depend on the climate and weather. A warmer climate great affects water demand and supply. Temperature affects downstream users because high temperature reduces runoff.

Agriculture must do a great job in using of water in food production. Water is a renewable source so all we need to address these issues technically and effectively.