Best Practices

Best Practices

This website first defines good practice, then lists ten key aspects of good practice, giving specific suggestions about how to handle each aspect, based on the lessons from the case study projects. Click here for further information on the fieldwork and analytical methods used in this project.

The Reasons Why Mexican Labors Are Leaving Farming

Agriculture in the North America Traditionally has had an advantage, which was to hire labor from Mexico at very low prices. According to the national Agricultural Worker Survey (NAWS), approximately 70 percent of the farm workers in the United States are Mexico-born. All kinds of agricultural farms in the US have enjoyed an extended period […]

A Successful Water Conservation Project in India

Because of the conservation project at Bitkuli village in Chattisgarh, India, the village has turned into a model village. The village has a total population of approximately 250 people and scarcity was the daily companion to these people. Most of the people do farming to secure their lives, however, before the conservation project, there were […]

Resource for farmers, new plan of the Environmental

An environmental organization Beef and Lamp New Zealand is working hard for the betterment of the farmers. They’ve successfully completed their project on providing various resources to the farmers and now they’re launching their refreshed version of Land and Environmental Planning Toolkit. This toolkit will help sheep and beef farmers to manage land and environmental […]

Initiative been taken to conserve farmland birds and Landscapes

For the conservation of farmland birds and enhance the landscape in a part of Teesdale a new project has been launched. The project aims to conserve the farmland birds naming Birds and Farm Landscapes Project. This three year project will concentrate working on Bernard Castle and the parishes of Eggleston, Gainford, Barmingham and Bowes. Jennie […]

Human Waste in Agriculture of Africa!

In recent years an innovative project of International Water Management Institute (IWMI) has started to boost the agriculture of Africa. Resource Recovery and Reuse team at the West Africa office of IWMI directly responsible for this project. This project is called ‘Fertilizer Pellet Fertilization Project’. The goal of this project is to harness human waste […]

Get together your gear and start farming

Small farming has become one of the top supportive ways for the national annual economy. Lots of people are getting interested day by day. If you are one of them and thinking to become a small farmer? Then you need to know some facts for sure and I am here to give you some advises […]

Light of Hope in African Agriculture

African agricultural sector is improving day by day. African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) is working hard on the development and overall growth in African agricultural sector. AGRF believes private sector investment and support can lead the growth to higher points and they are working as global platform for agricultural productivity and income growth for African […]

Methodologies for On Farm Conservation

On farm conservation protects threatened plants in their natural habitats and takes into account social and cultural factors such as farmers’ knowledge. It plays an important role to enable plants to continue to evolve and adapt with the changing conditions. In biological word it means the conservation of genetic diversity of traditional crops in the […]

Program Launched in Guelph to Conserve Endangered Species

In Guelph area several species are at risk includes birds, amphibians, mammals, plants and insects. Farmers have been summoned in order to protect these species. Species at Risk Farm Incentive Program is taking this initiative for the fifth time in five years. They will provide 50 percent of the funding to farmers who wants to […]

We Need to Balance Our Water Resources in Agriculture

All lives on the earth are dependent on water and this is what we use abundantly in our daily lives. We always expect the world to be a perfect world where none will suffer and everyone would be happy. But in order to live a happy life, we need to maintain a natural equilibrium which […]