Program Launched in Guelph to Conserve Endangered Species

In Guelph area several species are at risk includes birds, amphibians, mammals, plants and insects. Farmers have been summoned in order to protect these species. Species at Risk Farm Incentive Program is taking this initiative for the fifth time in five years. They will provide 50 percent of the funding to farmers who wants to take part in this campaign and help to save these threatened species. Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association in Guelph will administrate the whole program.

For this year, they have raised around $900000 to support the cause. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources funds the most of it. Interested farmers will submit their project and can receive up to $20000. Every year 130-150 projects run under this program. To safeguard biodiversity and protect species at risk this program has been proven effective from the beginning.

According to Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, almost 30,000 species of animals and plants are in this area. Pollution, habitat loss, spread of invasive species and changing land use activities are the main reasons for the threat of existence of these plants and animals. Every year lots of interested farmers take part in this program aimed to save the endanger species and so far the program is pleasantly successful.

Among various endangered species Jefferson salamander, Barn Owl, Acadian Flycatcher, Louisiana Waterthrush, Black Tern, Snapping Turtle, Mountain Lion/Cougar, Milk Snake, Grey Fox, American Chestnut, Pygmy Pocket Moss and Kentucky Coffee are remarkable. Along with Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association wildlife organizations, academics, conservation groups and governments are working side-by-side in this campaign. The campaign started with the goal to manage good practices both for farming and endangered species. Like previous years, organizers are expecting huge participation from farmers and work with them in smart projects.