Light of Hope in African Agriculture

African agricultural sector is improving day by day. African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) is working hard on the development and overall growth in African agricultural sector. AGRF believes private sector investment and support can lead the growth to higher points and they are working as global platform for agricultural productivity and income growth for African Nations.

If the African governments become more helpful and take proper initiative they can gain more success. On a forum meeting AGRF Chairman Dr. Kofi Annan underscored the current progress and urges to extend the helping hand of government personals in this sector.

AGRF is currently working on improvement of smallholder farmers who barely can waver. Women play the important part in maintaining the whole family. They’re care for land and productive nature is the reason behind for present success. But most of them don’t have any expert knowledge or experience. If they can’t find proper support this success won’t long last.

Most of the African people lives below standard income line. Proper utilization of their resource might change the scenario. But for that they need to be expert in productivity. Smallholder farmers can play important role in country’s economy. For that government should support them with knowledge and resources.

To boost up the agricultural growth and supply possible resources AGRF and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency has announced $10 million support. Government should wisely plan the next step and use it for the best output. Smallholder farmers are eagerly waiting for the next step and ready to attend technical workshop to improve their quality and productivity.

Government should immediately launch special propaganda to keep up this performance. More and more personal should get involved in agricultural sector with a motto to product. Hopefully present situation will change and stable income growth will be obtained.