Initiative been taken to conserve farmland birds and Landscapes

For the conservation of farmland birds and enhance the landscape in a part of Teesdale a new project has been launched. The project aims to conserve the farmland birds naming Birds and Farm Landscapes Project. This three year project will concentrate working on Bernard Castle and the parishes of Eggleston, Gainford, Barmingham and Bowes. Jennie Stanford is an expert in this field. She has already worked with the former Tyne Tees Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group for around six years. She was appointed as the project officer for this Landscapes project.

As the starting, Jennie will conduct a survey on farmland conservation and plan small grants scheme. This project aims to improve habitat and feeding conditions for rare farmland birds. Lots of farmland birds like tree sparrows, grey partridge, yellow hammers and barn owls are facing extinction. This project was initialized for the conservation of these almost extinct species.

Farmers will be encouraged to create wild bird seed mix plots, hedgerow restoration and establishment with this grants scheme. They will also re-wild the field margins. The scheme also encourages farmers to mix wild bird with smaller seeds to benefit the smaller birds. Though the landscape and bird life is still attractive and fairy healthy but it’s been forgotten that these parts are the borders of outstanding natural beauty. She will work with the farmer and inspire them to restore the former glory of these areas.

Already a large number of farmers have shown their interest to work under this project. Tree planting has been begun at Gilmonby. Farmers who’ve put their interest they are communicating with the experts for the appropriate way to boosting this conservation. Hopefully, with the help of the expert team and hard work of farmers the glory will be restored and these areas will once again be the border of natural beauty.