Farmer Tips for Beginners: Start Right Now

Are you thinking to become a small farmer? If it is, then I am gonna appreciate your decision because I know the importance of small farmers and their contribution of the local economy. However, I am here to give you some advices that may help you in the future.

Tips 1: Don’t be afraid to ask:
Once you have decided where you will be farming, must contact the other farmers in that area so that you can discuss with them and learn the soil condition, climate, crop verities and more. And most importantly, they may give you some secrets of farming for that area.

Tips 2: Leave your ego and be patient:
Farming has a long learning curve. Although you have got advices from local farmers and read all the books of farming, it will take some time to be a successful farmer. Let say, a farmer is farming for ten years, which means he has done this only ten times. So for farming, you need to be patient.

Tips 3: Start now:
If you have made your final decision to become a farmer, then start now as it will take plenty of time to be a master in this area. You don’t have land right now? Then start at your balcony with a container where you can experiment with an easy-to-grow crop.

Tips 4: Let the land decide:
If you have well researched on farming, then you might have known how important soil and climate conditions, and water resources are. So don’t insist to grow a particular crop. Research on the land and analyze which crops can be suitable for the land. Also see other farmers what are they doing.

Tips 5: Divide it up
For farming, you must be serious so if you have partners, then be clear about the individuals’ responsibilities as it is going to be an income source.